Detroit Mounted Police

Thank you for your interest in the Detroit Police Mounted Unit and the efforts of the Motor City Horse Force to support this popular unit and valuable team of officers and horses.

Our Mounted Unit was established in 1893 and was the first Mounted Patrol unit in the United States.  For almost 120 years, the mounted patrol has been an important part of the City of Detroit and the local community. Our current unit is housed at Palmer Park in the heart of the City.

Our officers and their horses are familiar sites at local parades, other local community events and to families who frequent Palmer Park. These specially trained horses and their officers patrol the City 7 days a week, in all types of weather and at all major sporting events such as the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings games, events such International Freedom Festival Fireworks and of course the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Mounted patrols also can be invaluable during search and rescue operations in deeply wooded areas where officers on foot or in patrol cars cannot reach.

The Detroit Mounted Police Unit relies soley on Private donations. Our operating budget is not a part of the Detroit Police budget, so it is imperative for us to have a reliable source of funding. With the generous help of the Restore the Horse Foundation, we have established the working relationship to guarantee the ongoing success of the Detroit Mounted Police.

1 Response to Detroit Mounted Police

  1. mihorseforce says:

    Congratulations to Hoosier – our newest Graduate and member if the Horse Force!
    Look for Hoosier out on the streets of Detroit helping to keep us safe!

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