About the Horse Force

About the Horse Force

In the summer of 2005, a small group of Detroit business and community leaders, under the leadership of retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Robert S. Raisch, set about forming a foundation to save the Detroit Police Mounted Unit. However, due to extreme budget cuts and lack of available police manpower, the effort was unsuccessful.

ParadeIn June of 2006, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans contacted General Raisch to ask if his group would be willing to help support the county’s mounted unit. After some initial meetings, it was agreed that this would be a most worthy and attainable undertaking, and “Restore the Horse Foundation” was born. The Motor City Horse Force is a grassroots organization that connects the passion of horse lovers with the power of the mounted police units to enhance the safety and image of Southeastern Michigan.

With the help of the Restore the Horse Foundation, the Detroit Mounted Unit was reinstated in 2009 and works out of their newly renovated facilities in Palmer Park . The Unit relies solely on private funding, as the Police Department does not pay for any costs to maintain the Unit other than the Officers salaries.  

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Today, the Restore the Horse Foundation works closely with both the Wayne County Mounted Unit as well as the Detroit Mounted Police and other mounted units in Southeast Michigan.