How to Help

Restore the Horse helps the units in many ways. We have several building projects, adoption programs for retired horses, procurement for new horses, day to day needs of the units, on-going training and much more.

Plans are underway for the Lee Smith Memorial in Hines Park. Please look for details to come on the activities we are working on for this tribute to our very own Superhero officer and his mount Doc.

You can choose to help a specific Unit, specific project or donate to the general fund. All donations are tax deductible under the IRS code.

Donations are processed through Paypal.

Please note: your Donation will show as “Restore” on your billing statement.

11 Responses to How to Help

  1. susan barrett says:

    Happy to Contribute. Seeing a horse in an urban area is like seeing the sun break through on a dreary day. You should consider including photos of the horses on this website. I think making a contribution “in honor of” a specific horse would help in closing the deal with a potential contributor.

    • mihorseforce says:


      Thank you so much for your Donation! This will help to offset the cost of putting heat in the Detroit Mounted Unit barn…just in time for the winter!
      I am still working on the new website and the events page will be up and running very soon with pictures of all our events.

      Thanks again for your support!

  2. mihorseforce says:

    Restore the Horse will be helping the Detroit Mounted Unit and MHS with the recent rescue of horses from Detroit. If you would like your donation to go to this fund, please note “rescue” with your donation

  3. Anthony says:

    Just wondering if the rescued horses for a couple years ago are okay and if they found a good home. Could you post some photos.

    • mihorseforce says:

      I will check with Sgt. Eide and see if he has any updated photos we can post but they are doing well and are happy!

  4. SA Jackson says:

    If this is still a viable operation, can I send a check?? If so, where to and payable to??

    • mihorseforce says:

      Yes you are welcome to make a donation!😊 We have recently moved our office but you can donate on-line through PayPal or you can mail a check to 27634 Rackham Lathrup Village, MI 48076

  5. councilcurmudgeon says:

    I remember so very long ago at the Michigan State Fair the demonstrations by the mounted unit so very fondly. Thank you for the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause.

    • mihorseforce says:

      Thank you so very much for your donation! We appreciate your support and miss those days at the State Fair! as well! What fun it was watching them all in action.

  6. Jerilyn Taylor-Jones says:

    I have been trying to locate the Mailing address for donations to feed the mounted horses. Please send contact information. Please and Thank you.

    Ms. Jerilyn Taylor-Jones
    2182 E. Outer Dr.
    Detroit, MI 48234

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